Tick | Marvel Studios’ Loki | Disney+

Counting down the moments to Marvel Studios' “Loki” The Original Series starts streaming June 9 with new episodes every Wednesday on Disney+.

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  • Jesus loves you 🥺😐🍅😐

    Wes JohnsonWes Johnson5 napja
  • I think this is my favourite trailer. The way everything is in sync with the tick tack of the music... Well done

    Enabi SeiraEnabi Seira7 napja
  • Please release tamil dubbed loki series 🙏😢

    raghul smsraghul sms7 napja
  • You guys should do a capt. America series to show what happened to capt. When he was returning the stones😆😁

    Jeremy CruzJeremy Cruz7 napja
  • Please realise Loki in tamil 😭

    Suriya.j IX a2 【3321】Suriya.j IX a2 【3321】8 napja
  • The cagey judge mathematically remove because drink intrinsically dance versus a alcoholic metal. reflective, ruthless bass

    Rachel SandersRachel Sanders8 napja
  • Release in tamil too.....

    NISHAL-10th 'A'NISHAL-10th 'A'9 napja
  • More the promotions chances are shittier the show.

    Sonal ChoudhrySonal Choudhry9 napja
  • Quick trip to IP destruction! In 5...4...3...2...

    FlyN SaucerFlyN Saucer9 napja
  • Dubbed in Tamil I'm a marvel fan

    Hollywood TamizhanHollywood Tamizhan10 napja
  • my favorite trailer!

    alice☆alice☆10 napja
  • We want in tamil

    LogeshkumarLogeshkumar10 napja
  • We need in tamil 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Plsssss release this series in tamil

    Nithish KumarNithish Kumar10 napja
  • We want loki series in tamil

  • Why no body is talking about avengers breaking the timeline my man Loki dont even know that he is breaking it but he got arrested

    Arsh ProductionsArsh Productions10 napja
  • We want tamil dubb

    Jethendran KumarJethendran Kumar10 napja
  • Pls dub this series in Tamil

    KCT studios 2.0KCT studios 2.010 napja
  • Please tamil dubbed loki TV series ####

    Mr. Middle Class paiyanMr. Middle Class paiyan10 napja
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Isadora TavaresIsadora Tavares11 napja
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Isadora TavaresIsadora Tavares11 napja

    OMNI MANOMNI MAN11 napja
  • Am I the only one who is getting Captain Jack Sparrow vibes while looking at Loki ?

    S S Ganesh BS S Ganesh B12 napja
  • Hype

    Angiethetankengine 17Angiethetankengine 1712 napja
  • This series is definitely gonna be a gold mine of memes....

    Dinukshiya SelvaduraiDinukshiya Selvadurai12 napja
  • The way he says “Come on , what did you expect?” makes my heart MELT!!!

    Madi !Madi !12 napja
  • So much excited😍😍

    Devansh ChaubeyDevansh Chaubey12 napja
  • This man is soon back in marvel Thor: welcome my brother Valcary:Wanna be kicked by me

    Ultra Instinct GokuUltra Instinct Goku12 napja
  • Come on. What do we expect ?

    Kerem AkanKerem Akan12 napja
  • this kinda reminds me of number 5 from umbrella academy

    YngstonYngston12 napja
  • cosmic mistake will be when somone will say Loki is stupid infront of me

    Hana NekolováHana Nekolová12 napja
  • Will it be on vip or premium?

    Chirag BholaChirag Bhola13 napja
  • ロキ様…。

    渡辺祐紀渡辺祐紀13 napja
  • Alternate title: t(h)ick

    Celia AvianaCelia Aviana13 napja
  • My birthday on June 9 🤣😂

    siva Rsiva R13 napja
  • I love his Smile ❤

    ANANTainmentANANTainment13 napja
  • So where were these time cops when thanos was around

    Vc LegacyVc Legacy13 napja
  • ''you're a cosmic mistake'' Me: Loki is soo relatable

    Random4Random413 napja
  • ¡Hey! 😡.... Bye 😂 Loki 💚💚💚💚

    Maryt MarniMaryt Marni13 napja
  • What makes Loki tick? 30 minutes

    TheDarkCreed86TheDarkCreed8614 napja
  • Just release the whole show in 30 seconds clips at this point!!!

    Mahnoor KamalMahnoor Kamal14 napja
  • That “hey” when the blue thing touches him 😭😭😭😭 love Tom hiddleston

    Jayma ThomasJayma Thomas14 napja
  • When Tom Holland's birthday is already finished and Marvel didn't release any trailer. Loki: come on! what did you expect?

    Luis AliagaLuis Aliaga14 napja
  • I have to catch up on these shows...I've been on disney plus leave since qanda left

    Justin FencsakJustin Fencsak14 napja

    layleelaylee14 napja
  • “A cosmic mistake” 😂😂💀

    CroopzyCroopzy14 napja
  • Waiting🤩🤩🤩

    Sivajith M SSivajith M S14 napja
  • Bde harami ho beta Hindi bol kr Hindi me nhi LA re

    Vishal JadhavVishal Jadhav14 napja
  • Hindi

    Vishal JadhavVishal Jadhav14 napja
  • You either die a villain, or live long enough to become the Protagonist.

    Space BeatsSpace Beats14 napja
  • the dislikes are from those that loki made kneel down in avengers

    Prajwal KandelPrajwal Kandel14 napja
  • Tick? The most annoying brawler....

    KamcioKamcio14 napja

    Zhonny tsuZhonny tsu14 napja
  • come on guys he is loki...you will see him in marvel movies...i bet you

  • I think he looks like heath ledgers Joker, for some reason i think hell make a great joker.

    Mark VincentMark Vincent14 napja
  • "A cosmic mistake" now I gotta fight her.

    Klarysa HawrotKlarysa Hawrot14 napja
  • Tamil la varuma

    Hari PrasathHari Prasath14 napja
  • What makes Loki tick?? Let me see…

    Squid DrawsSquid Draws14 napja
  • Loki... but I broke your neck... how do you live I hope you didn't do what I thought

    ThanosThanos14 napja
  • Who else watched this over and over till you could say the lines along with it?

    Kyleigh GKyleigh G14 napja
  • Cmon man 5 days is too long

    MoekoX14MoekoX1414 napja
  • I can't wait any longer

    ilovekaiilovekai14 napja
  • Can't wait!!!!

    jam212623jam21262314 napja
  • Her: You're a cosmic mistake Loki, who already has identity issues: *Haha ok lol :)*

    JustAnotherPotato 10JustAnotherPotato 1014 napja
  • I woke up and thought the premiere was today. Is gonna be a long 5 days

    Fernanda PatiñoFernanda Patiño14 napja
  • That body i am lusting over it so haawwwt 🥵🥵

    Just a PasserbyJust a Passerby15 napja
  • "what makes loki tick?" the tesseract, of course.

    qistina zainalqistina zainal15 napja
  • A cosmic mistake - is that worse than a colossal mistake? 👀😁

    nightbird1972nightbird197215 napja
  • So... nobody else gonna talk about The dancing Loki part?

    April GeujenApril Geujen15 napja
  • We want to see Spider-Man Trialer

    Nitro NoahNitro Noah15 napja

    Rocker Valan05Rocker Valan0515 napja

    maryc91maryc9115 napja
  • this is coming out on my birthday :D

    HotSpicyCalebHotSpicyCaleb15 napja
  • Doctor Strange probably binged this while looking through timelines

    ShadophaxxShadophaxx15 napja
  • literally my brother is thor and im the Loki im funny cheeky and a decent fight and my brother is strong he's angry a lot

    Taha Da GamerTaha Da Gamer15 napja
  • I’m Lo-ki kinda excited for this show.

    London JohnLondon John15 napja
  • Loki coming to Fortnite! 😁

    User 2003User 200315 napja
  • Can't wait for Loki next week.

    Ira FordIra Ford15 napja
  • What makes Loki tick? VERITY WILLIS

    Raktim NaskarRaktim Naskar15 napja
  • Hamari kismat bhi chamaki 😀

    Ra oneRa one15 napja
  • They’re really pushing this show marketing wise. Hope it’s good.

    Y. O. SY. O. S15 napja
  • well loki see got tie in doctor stranger sequel but i not sure if matilda pilqvist from hilda be show up or not last time i just think hilda character be in wandavision but did not happed but not sure about loki series

    De NyDe Ny15 napja
  • Ah, thank you Marvel for my new favorite insult.

    JWJW15 napja
  • Why are you showing the whole thing though

    IamFelah MukhariIamFelah Mukhari15 napja
  • Who else thought that Owen Wilson said d*ck instead of tick. Oh, just my retarded hearing, ok.

    sad_rainbow_sad_rainbow_15 napja
  • This couldn't come at a better time EXAMS ARE HERE

    My taste in music Is complicatedMy taste in music Is complicated15 napja
  • ironman is back iron man is back please

    Farhan Siddiqui OfficialFarhan Siddiqui Official15 napja
  • ♥️♥️♥️awesome 😍👌🏻show

    Suman DasSuman Das15 napja
  • Let’s get a dancing loki

    CaBoyBloxCaBoyBlox15 napja
  • Can you tell loki web series is releasing on Tamil

    Tharani PTharani P15 napja
  • "What makes Loki tick?" The joy of betraying people, for one thing

    CH JCH J15 napja
  • PUT OUT THE SPIDER-MAN TRAILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Kieran TaltyKieran Talty15 napja
  • Nice pic

    RAJRAJ15 napja
  • Absolutely fantastic

    Jacqueline fernandez worldJacqueline fernandez world15 napja
  • Nice

    Jacqueline fernandez worldJacqueline fernandez world15 napja
  • what makes Loki tick? Being reminded he's not the king of Asgard

    multifandomzmultifandomz15 napja
  • Wanda vision trailer : we just don’t know what to expect FATWS trailer: that shield represents a lot of things Loki trailer : Come on What did you expect

    Azeen AbdullaAzeen Abdulla15 napja
  • :O

    Frank CastleFrank Castle15 napja
  • "What makes Loki T H I C C?

    Dill141Dill14115 napja
  • 0:23

    Zylice LiddellZylice Liddell15 napja