Loki in 30 Seconds | Marvel Studios’ Loki | Disney+

Tom Hiddleston is on the clock. Catch up on Loki's journey through the MCU and get ready to stream Marvel Studios' "Loki," an Original Series, starting June 9 on Disney+.

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  • Only Tom can do Loki at his best. Period.

    illnsp08illnsp089 órája
  • Is it only me or everyone else thinks that he is extremely 🥵🥵

    Vaishnavi RayadurgamVaishnavi Rayadurgam12 órája

    Charlize YumulCharlize Yumul2 napja
  • This is the MCU recap speedrun any% world recorded right here

    BreadSliceBreadSlice3 napja
  • Plese dub tamil

    thugil tamilthugil tamil4 napja
  • He’s so hot plsss😭

    ♡4 napja
  • This Tom hiddleston guy looks like loki lol

    Woon GamingWoon Gaming5 napja
  • I am a straight dude but I would totally do Tom..

    Aakarsh GoyalAakarsh Goyal5 napja
  • The brother confusion

    ImanobodyImanobody8 napja
  • Please realise Loki in tamil 😭

    Suriya.j IX a2 【3321】Suriya.j IX a2 【3321】8 napja
  • Ok, but can we have the 1 hour Loki lecture as well?🤔

    Tasi 1910Tasi 19108 napja
  • Fact; black hair suits him

    Babu Rao Ganpat Rao ApteBabu Rao Ganpat Rao Apte9 napja
  • First Episode is soo aosome

    Golu RaiGolu Rai9 napja
  • We all went tamil dubbed loki episode

    Perumal KumarPerumal Kumar9 napja
  • RIP Tom's career!

    FlyN SaucerFlyN Saucer9 napja
  • LOKI.

    Casey HayesCasey Hayes10 napja
  • So he's not dead

    Alyssa razumienkoAlyssa razumienko10 napja

    FarahFarah10 napja
  • We want in tamil soon

    LogeshkumarLogeshkumar10 napja
  • You know, I would pay a big sum to see Luis from Ant Man explain everything that happened in MCU.

    LA 44LA 4410 napja
  • This is best of all time

    Alpesh NarnawareAlpesh Narnaware10 napja
  • me and my family did a kind of count down to the release of the first episode. LOVE IT SO FAR

    yeetmasteryeetmaster10 napja
  • We need in tamil please 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Does anyone aknowledge that Tom Hiddleston looks like older Jared Leto

    AmaruDuarteOfficialAmaruDuarteOfficial10 napja
  • ... Tamil dubb ... ...!😥

    Sunglass ShowSunglass Show11 napja
  • Tom's wink when saying..." exclusively on Disney+"...is so well..Loki.

    mboikomboiko11 napja
  • Time : No one can stop me ! Loki : Am I a joke to you ?

    Raipie🖤Raipie🖤11 napja
  • hes the exec producer!!!

    AmCan TechAmCan Tech11 napja

    Faye MakaFaye Maka11 napja
  • Even if he says Thanos killed him in the infinity war i wont believe it :< he just wants to keep his trick secret

    Zamasu AwakenZamasu Awaken12 napja
  • Why is Loki like so amazing

    Leia RiveraLeia Rivera12 napja
  • So happy to see Tom’s cheekbones again!

    Rohna HRohna H13 napja
  • Am I the only one who think loki is best betrayer, best brother , best villan 😂

    WenNing 温家宝宁WenNing 温家宝宁13 napja
    • @WenNing 温家宝宁 you're amazing dear.i really appreciate your endless love.

      Tom HiddlestonTom Hiddleston13 napja
    • @Tom Hiddleston I love you sir Love from China I love your acting sir ♥️♥️♥️

      WenNing 温家宝宁WenNing 温家宝宁13 napja
    • Hello my gorgeous fan, thank you for your continuous support and love through the years I really appreciate🥰😍🥰

      Tom HiddlestonTom Hiddleston13 napja
  • I am exited to see lokiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii😂😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

    Kritika RauthanKritika Rauthan14 napja
  • whoever did this subtitle job... wants to salute you🙏

    Wahidujjaman 004Wahidujjaman 00415 napja
  • This means if i mess up the timeline.. I would also get a job offer at TVA ..making me interdimentionally employed...

    Dheeraj SinghDheeraj Singh15 napja
  • Get ready telegram and free websites 🤣

    ASHWIN JASHWIN J15 napja
  • I'm excited ❤️

    Mitesh BabariaMitesh Babaria16 napja
  • 1 week to go!!!!

    Praneeth PonnadaPraneeth Ponnada16 napja
  • Joker of marvel

    Galuh nidoGaluh nido16 napja
  • I can’t wait 🤩🤩🤩🤩

    Nicky TNicky T16 napja
  • I don't know whose I love Is Tom or Loki or both of them

    지이콘데식이지이콘데식이17 napja
  • Release Spiderman no way home trailer

    Vijaya LakshmiVijaya Lakshmi18 napja
  • Counting down the days to see this!

    ozfoxarooozfoxaroo18 napja

    Adriana GAdriana G18 napja
  • Blink once and you miss months of efforts of hundreds of people.

    Harshil MistryHarshil Mistry18 napja
  • ~Exclusively~ 😉

    OliviaOlivia19 napja
  • Exiting yarr marvel fan

    Youtuber Sk VideosYoutuber Sk Videos19 napja
  • YAYAYYAYYAYYAYAYY I am freaking SO EXITED for this AMAZING SHOW to come out :DDD

    EvelynEvelyn20 napja
    • Hello my gorgeous fan, thank you for your continuous support and love through the years I really appreciate🥰😍🥰

      Tom HiddlestonTom Hiddleston13 napja
  • Did you notice Loki and Joker share the same hair style and look similar a little bit. 🤨

    Aditi trigunayatAditi trigunayat20 napja
  • Loki looks very Handsome😳

    Frank WalkerFrank Walker21 napja
  • So... Basically loki played with time in this one too

    Furious FearFurious Fear21 napja
  • I can’t wait

    Preanka moodleyPreanka moodley21 napja
  • Tom Hiddleston is great 👌

    FilmFreakFilmFreak22 napja
  • Hi bro, do the Thanos know Eternals are there one earth.. and what was he thinking and what was his plan of action. Please explain

    Ramakrishna DanduRamakrishna Dandu22 napja
  • What if it's this Loki that gets killed by Thanos O . O

    L̶a̶d̶y̶ Fox ŴøłfæL̶a̶d̶y̶ Fox Ŵøłfæ22 napja
  • so excited! I need more marvel in my life 😂

    SuperCaliListicSuperCaliListic22 napja
  • Wait wait wait......6 stone you have and you cant use it on Thanos? Instead of snap...iron man or any other avenger can kill Thanos right?if they have 6 stone. Where are you marvel..i need the answer.😣

    ALchemistOALchemistO22 napja
  • Icon 🙌

    Dietro XDietro X22 napja
  • 개빡치게 하지말고 한국도 얼른 내놔봐

    우우짤라빔우우짤라빔22 napja
  • At first i saw this i sad cuz my country doesn't have Disney plus then i saw in internet that my country will have Disney plus at 1 June btw my country is Malaysia

    ilyas shahilyas shah22 napja
  • What?? 😅😂🤣

    ShanKar Edits.ShanKar Edits.22 napja
  • Loki is the fascination of Evil, in a world of evil Loki is loved more than Thor.

    Aletheia EleftheriaAletheia Eleftheria23 napja
  • timer Stopped At 0:2 sec. i think its some kind of Hint in series

    Mythical DarkraiMythical Darkrai23 napja
  • Lowowwkiiiy

    Anandita EkrAnandita Ekr23 napja
  • the wink which he did at the end shows he knows..

    TheBeanieTheBeanie23 napja
  • there’s a lot of roles that were cats perfectly in movie history but tom hiddleston has got to be one of the top 10 casting choices of all time

    smoky_burritosmoky_burrito23 napja
  • 0:08 He looks identical to loki

    SandSand23 napja
  • This show will be epic!

  • Even though thanos is powerful but Loki is my favorite

    next gen Musicnext gen Music23 napja
  • Wait so loki did not actually die!!??

    Malin KostmannMalin Kostmann23 napja
  • If loki is alive 🤷🏻‍♂️ Ironman tooo ?? 🥺

    Karthikeya MaturiKarthikeya Maturi23 napja
  • Waiting for loki

    Syed Raju AhmedSyed Raju Ahmed23 napja
  • thank you i’m sure all the fans will show their parents this xoxo

    Milan MummMilan Mumm24 napja
  • I like how he winks when he says "exclusively "

    David LebnerDavid Lebner24 napja
  • Yoo June 9th nice......

    PragneshPragnesh24 napja
  • Finally The Time Variance Authority get in some action

    The Soviet OnionThe Soviet Onion24 napja
  • Laughed so hard when he said “exclusively”,

    Anthony FrancoAnthony Franco24 napja
  • I knew it was the “younger” him that got a hold of the tesseract when the Avengers were getting the stones!!

    Ashleigh HulmeAshleigh Hulme24 napja
  • Those last 2 seconds were paused! We never saw it hit 1 second.

    Adam WashburnAdam Washburn24 napja
  • Omg yes

    Wendy streaming Boy to 100MWendy streaming Boy to 100M24 napja
  • loki could've had narrated end game in 30 mins

    LUNALUNA24 napja
  • Loki be like at 0:38 : *ZA WARUDO TOKI WO TOMARE*

    SpartaKuzSpartaKuz24 napja
  • The lord of mischief is back❤️✨

    SwastikaSwastika24 napja
  • Why not on Netflix??😭😭

    tresa anjalitresa anjali24 napja
  • This is actually spoiling Marvel Cinematic Universe in 1 minute

    Spidey BoySpidey Boy24 napja

    nɘonconformistnɘonconformist24 napja
  • Me who knows everything about marvel Nowadays I'm like..I don't even know you. thanos vibes😶

    SAINA JunejaSAINA Juneja24 napja
    • Hello my gorgeous fan, thank you for your continuous support and love through the years I really appreciate🥰😍🥰

      Tom HiddlestonTom Hiddleston13 napja
  • woww easy Mr. Hiddleston. I got your point.

    Andrea Kartika (DokterAndrea)Andrea Kartika (DokterAndrea)24 napja
    • Hello my gorgeous fan, thank you for your continuous support and love through the years I really appreciate🥰😍🥰

      Tom HiddlestonTom Hiddleston13 napja
  • I just realized Loki is alive and I've watched endgame several times

    Adam SeeversAdam Seevers24 napja
  • loki saying nothing for 30 seconds that's it my brother killed me and yeah i work for good thanos idk

    Kabeer SheikhKabeer Sheikh25 napja
  • "exclusively" *wink* Riiight.

    EpsilonGoodsEpsilonGoods25 napja
  • I will be slaved to Loki only

    Ishita BhardwajIshita Bhardwaj25 napja
  • The way he says Disney plus I’m gone

    Mia NelsonMia Nelson25 napja
  • What the f**k

    Nihal gamerZNihal gamerZ25 napja
  • Why they given streaming rights to that incompetent hotstar..

    Satish ThoratSatish Thorat25 napja
  • I absolutely love this man

    Linda MauroLinda Mauro25 napja
  • Loki Is One and Only villain who have 0% haters

    iammuttalibiammuttalib25 napja
  • Disney plus is so bad. Like 10 people watching

    P MP M25 napja

    Minal DasMinal Das25 napja